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Coliving rooms are a great solution to extreme housing prices in San Francisco and have a lot of pros. The biggest downside for many people would be the size of the room and the fact that it is not expandable. Don’t panic, there is plenty of space for essentials! Although if you want to make it feel organized and a bit more spacious than it actually is, you need to start using your space in a smart way.
The Internet has gathered many hacks on how to organize your space without completely redoing everything in the room, especially when the coliving room has its limits about things you can change or add to it. Here are 7 space organizing hacks that will take your coliving experience to the next level.

1. Be Smart About Your Shopping.

Brown shopping bag made out of paper
Make Marie Condo proud! If it doesn’t spark the joy and is not essential to your everyday life, maybe skip it this time. Small space has limitations in storage and can’t fit everything. When shopping, focus on purchasing things that are necessary and make your everyday life efficient.

2. Repurpose Shoe Organizer and Pegboard.

Think of command hooks as your little helpers because this tiny holder can really transform your room. You can add it to your closet, cabinets, and walls. It is usually very strong and can hold heavy coats and purses.

5. Shelf Risers

It is a game-changer for shoe storage and many other things. You don’t just have one shelf anymore, now it’s expanded and more versatile. It is a very affordable option that can be purchased in Ikea.

6. Clip-on Lights

This one is very obvious but besides saving space with clip-on lights, you can also move it around the room without purchasing a light for every spot that you like to be lit.

7. Use A Cube Organizer As A Night Stand

Cube organizers have tons of storage and can fit in many things while looking neat. You can add baskets and make it even more organized. The top surface will be larger than the regular nightstand, therefore hold more things without taking too much space in the room. 
Smaller space does not mean it has to be disorganized or cramped with things. Just use our simple hacks and make it Pinterest-worthy! Follow and tag us on the Instagram page where we would love to share your rooms and see how you optimize the space for your needs.