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How to Keep Your Productivity on Track

Probably everyone at least once in their life wished for extra hours to finish that one deadline. Whether you are a manager or a student, sometimes the to-do list isn’t getting any shorter, even when you complete all your daily tasks. This is when you need to review your productivity and try something new.
The productivity itself isn’t very tricky. The factor that affects it the most is the number of distractions in your environment. Our simple tips will help you achieve more in less time.

1. To-do list.

We know that you have heard this combo many times, but it works. To-do lists help you organize and prioritize. Start with complex tasks and after that break it down into small ones. You will build a big picture of what you have to achieve by identifying small steps. And once you start crossing off, you will have an understanding of what is complete and what needs more work. It also eliminates the feeling like you haven’t completed anything big.

2. Find the time you are most productive.

We all have internal clocks and they all function differently. Try to identify your most productive time. It could be early in the morning, after lunch, or right before sleep – whichever works for you! If you have a task that requires a lot of energy, complete it during your most productive time. You will use less energy, stay more motivated, and will actually be able to finish it.

3. Take a break every couple of hours.

You need to recharge to be more productive! Working non-stop will not take you far in your progress but only run you into the ground. Decompress, drink some water, and take a short walk.

4. Work on one thing at a time.

Multitasking is only good when you combine activities that require both mental and physical work. For example, workout and podcast, washing dishes and watching a TV show, you get the drill. But when you do two tasks that need a lot of attention at one, both will end up lower quality.

5. Make it fun.

Tasks that are very monotonous can be turned into the game. For example, try to finish it in 10-20 minutes. Just make sure that the task can be properly finished in that period of time or at least some of it.
You could also make it a competition… with yourself. Your past self. If there is a task that needs to be repeated, try to excel through it every time you need to do it. And once you achieve the desired level of productivity, reward yourself.

6. Mute distractions (even possible ones)

If you want to work effectively, you need to focus on one thing at a time. When your attention keeps spreading between multiple things, you are not as productive on the initial task. You can even lose your train of thought by just responding to that one email.
Try to mute the possible digital distractions and keep only relevant tabs open. It sounds obvious, but once you actually do it, you will notice the difference.
Follow these simple tips and become more productive in your everyday tasks. You probably won’t achieve the best level of productivity the next morning but it will help you get on track.

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