As November begins to roll in, the holiday season peaks its excited head around the corner, and what does it see? A big, juicy, stuffed turkey! Thanksgiving is a time of belly-stuffing food, fun-loving family and friends, and football. Unsplash.com It is pretty hard to not have a great Thanksgiving, but there are a couple of tips that will help to send your fall holiday over the top. These suggestions can be broken down into Preparation, Conversation, and Recovery. Preparation
Sustainable living becomes an important part of our lifestyle. It’s sad to admit, but climate change is happening. It might not have a direct impact on you, but it creates irreversible changes in the whole ecosystem. You may be saying to yourself: “I hold my own when it comes to sustainability. I recycle all the time and I NEVER use straws!”. You are off to a good start, and this article will provide you with everyday eco-friendly tips. There is
Football lovers who are new to Bay Area or football, this read is for you! Everyone knows that the San Francisco 49ers game is a must-see attraction in the Bay Area. View this post on Instagram 4-0. A post shared by Mike McGlinchey (@mmcglinch68) on Oct 8, 2019 at 11:43am PDT We prepared essential tips to make your football game unforgettable and most important, enjoyable! Best Tickets View this post on Instagram One month from today, regular season football returns
Well, what are the chances that Mercury won’t be in retrograde, your roommate is not sick, and your bed isn’t tempting you into sweet napping? If that all falls into place, you are super lucky. But we all know the truth. Changing your “work” environment can be essential if you need that creativity kick. Libraries are a great solution, but for how long can you survive without good food or a cup of coffee? Luckily for us, San Francisco’s tech
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Renting a home is a common practice, especially in big cities such as San Francisco. Whether you are a student, intern, or worker in the city, sometimes it is the best choice to rent a place while you are here. Luckily, Urbanests offers the most affordable San Francisco rentals that are located in the best parts of the city. That only that, we also want to make sure you have the best experience possible while you are with us. Here
There really is no better way to get a taste of a community then shopping at a farmer’s market. Fresh food, real people, and a friendly environment make the long-standing Saturday and Sunday tradition popular throughout the Bay. The epicenter of Bay Area Farmer’s Markets is undoubtedly San Francisco. With a variety of different markets speckled across the city, it can be hard to decide which to visit. Well, this comprehensive list below will provide insight into the top markets
Sunset over Oakland and San Francisco Hazy Skylines. Oakland Hills, Alameda County, California, USA.
Every so often you may want to break free from the hectic nature of The City. Well, right across the bay, about 5 miles over the Bay Bridge is San Francisco’s frisky young sibling, The Town. Oakland can be a perfect place to experience a change of pace from the bustling, crowded streets of SF. After a short 15-minute Bart, bus, or drive, you will arrive to see the vibrant and expanding downtown to your right and in front of
Golden Gate Bridge over a bay, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, California, USA
There are many sights to see around San Francisco such as Lombard Street, The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Coit Tower, but those places are always crowded with tourists. Sometimes you need to explore the places that many people haven’t heard of. Whether it’s a restaurant or an amazing view, there are locations around the city that will give you a new perspective on what it’s like to be a local. Mission Dolores Park This amazing park resides within
The Main Transits Bart: No we aren’t talking about the troublesome Simpson’s character, BART is a lot more than a cool acronym. Bay Area Rapid Transit ranges from SFO through the city all the way out to the East Bay. At times over crowded and a little bit smelly (as most public transit in big cities are), it is still the best way to avoid the horrendous traffic on the Bay Bridge on the way to work. And although you
Hello June! In the blink of an eye, Summer is already upon us. The rainy weeks are over and the weather is starting to warm up, which means it is time to get out there and have some fun in sunny San Francisco! Lucky for you, you are living in one of the best cities when it comes down to the amount of diverse activities around the area. San Francisco is also the center for co-living or community housing, which
With the Golden State Warriors playing in the brand new Chase Center next season, the Bay Area, and San Francisco specifically, is about to feel the massive impact of the project’s undertakings. The privately funded $1.4 billion state of the art arena will sit on a four-city-block parcel on the water in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco. Along with the high-tech arena, the site will feature an enormous outdoor video board, a 5½ acre park, an outdoor plaza
Co-living, especially in the San Francisco area, has been a trend that has been gaining lots of popularity recently in the housing industry. The recent rise in co-living has been of great help to students, interns, and tech-workers in the bay area and many more individuals are choosing this option when coming into the city. So what exactly is co-living and why is it so prominent in large cities? Co-living is actually a term that is short for communal living,