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Hey there lovebirds! It is February 13th, and things are getting weird. When did Walgreens start selling roses? And why are there millions of paper hearts hung up all over the hallways of your San Francisco student housing?

Hate to break it to you, but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. But don’t panic! We have got you covered with all sorts of fun things you can do all around the Bay Area to impress your significant other last minute. They won’t even know you forgot – and don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul.

A Flower- Filled Afternoon 

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 7.51.06 PM.png

One of San Francisco’s most breathtaking natural phenomenons, the annual bloom of over 100 rare magnolias with trees reaching up to 80 feet is at its peak this Valentine’s Day in the SF Botanical Garden! If you need a good last minute plan for V-day, get out of your San Francisco housing, pack a picnic basket, and take a stroll in the garden with your loved one. Don’t forget the chocolate and wine!

Cat Cafe and Puppy Cuddles

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.06.39 PM.png

Is your Valentine a furry friend lover? Look no further! This Valentine’s Day, the SF SPCA is hosting a pop-up cat cafe and puppy snuggle at One Embarcadero Center, where you can come for a coffee and a cuddle in one place!

A Loving Pillow Fight

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 7.59.46 PM

If your loved one is fun-loving, take them to the annual Valentine’s pillow fight at 1 Market Street in SF. I know, I know, why even leave your bed in your comfy SF furnished apartment? Trust us, its worth it.  Every year, nearly 1,000 San Franciscans make the pilgrimage to Justin Herman Plaza with feather-stuffed pillows to, put mildly, lovingly beat the crap out of each other.

Salsa Dance the Night Away

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.06.19 PM

Why not sweep your lover off their feet, and pick up a new skill while you’re at it? This Valentine’s Day,  Palm House in San Francisco will host “Salsa y Amor”, (Salsa and Love, for us non-Spanish speakers), from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Best part? The salsa lessons are free!  They will also be offering $7.00 Margaritas all night long. This is what you need to do to make your loved one say “te amo!”

The Crush & The Chocolate Factory

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.19.42 PM.png

If when you think Valentine’s Day, you think chocolate, then you’re in luck. This Valentine’s Day, Dandelion Chocolates is offering a $5 chocolate factory tour with tastings!  On the tour, you’ll taste cacao all the way through its journey into chocolate, from cocoa beans to liquid chocolate, and they’ll even guide you through a tasting of their single origin bars. Best of all, if that isn’t enough chocolate for you (and lets be real, it’s never enough) they will even send you off with a hot chocolate gift card! You have to book through their website, so make sure you sign up before you go!

None of these just right for you and your significant other?

Don’t worry, Valentine’s Day is all about showing your loved one that you care. Make them breakfast in bed, pick up some $5 flowers from a grocery store, bake them their favorite treat, go for a picnic in Dolores Park, bike ride by the Golden Gate bridge, watch the sunset at Baker’s Beach, or light some candles and cook a special homemade dinner. As long as you show them you love them (and that you totally remembered that it is Valentine’s Day), it will be good enough.


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Post made by contributor Isabelle Kaplan

So you are traveling to San Francisco. You are looking for the perfect place to stay, a short stay apartment in San Francisco that feels like home. You are not the type of traveler that wants to visit Alcatraz Island or take a picture in front of the painted ladies. You are kind of traveler that only wants to go to a place if you can have a genuine experience. You want to encounter the food, the music, the people, the art, and the culture that is genuine to the city you are in, and you want to stay in a place that resides in the heart of the city. If you are staying in SF, you want a short term room rental that makes you feel like you are a local, even if it is only for the weekend.

Lucky for you, I have just the spot. The Adrian is a beautiful art deco hotel located right in the heart of San Francisco. I recently had a chance to visit the Adrian and explore its fascinating history and the up-and-coming neighborhood in which it resides, and I cannot recommend it enough! If you are traveling to the bay and looking for temporary housing or a short term rental in San Francisco, you should look into staying at this hotel.



Lucky for me, the man at the front desk walked me through some of the Adrian’s incredible history. From what I understand, the Adrian was one of the first of the hotels that were established in 1907 shortly after the earthquake of 1906. Throughout the years The Adrian and the Tenderloin neighborhood has been through a number of tremendous changes and an evolution similar to those of Chelsea and Brooklyn, NY. Therefore, the hotel has been through it all, from the nightlife of the roaring 20s and 30s, the economic downturn of the 70’s, to the fringe neighborhood it is often referred to as today. The Tenderloin neighborhood is a must-see if, like me, you enjoy exploring the genuine hart of a city. The Tenderloin neighborhood has recently seen a transition from a downtrodden and impoverished area to an up and coming and trendy community. Local businesses, unique cafes, and strange shops grace every corner alongside newly constructed big businesses. Surrounded by nightlife, the Theater District, shopping in Union Square, tourist attractions, and the world’s best dining, the Tenderloin neighborhood stands right alongside the more visible and popular spots in the city, but maintains its quirky and unique charms.

More information on the Tenderloin’s history can be found here.


The Hotel:

Apparently, the Adrian is one of the first residences in the Tenderloin to be completely transformed from its former state into a modern, warm, and welcoming building that is affordable, beautiful, safe, and clean. Today, the Adrian is a beautiful art deco style hotel, with all of the modern trappings of twenty-first century extravagance alongside that air of history that makes a place so interesting. I loved the hotel because while the recent renovation has transformed it into a gorgeous all-black and gold trimmed, safe, clean, and almost luxurious building, you can still detect the almost nostalgic air of its former charms. Here are some pictures we took around the gorgeous building:


The Neighborhood:

The Adrian is located in the Tenderloin neighborhood, what many would call the heart of San Francisco. If you do desire to see popular tourist attractions, the Adrian is only minutes away from many of San Francisco’s most desired and sought-after hot spots. The hotel is right next to the Civic Center and the Bill Graham Auditorium. The Tenderloin neighborhood is close to SOMA, Market Street, and about a 10 minute cab ride to Fisherman’s Wharf, three of the most popular areas in the city. It is great for traveling, because it has excellent access to public transportation: It is about a five minute walk to the nearest BART station and is close to a number of bus stops.

The Tenderloin is right by Little Saigon, so the area is surrounded by delicious and unique Vietnamese Cuisine! If you want to explore the local flavor, check out Turtle Tower for a fresh take on pho, or Chairman Bao for delicious Bao steamed buns. If you are looking for something easy, stop by Lee’s sandwiches for counter-service Vietnamese staples and classic deli sandwiches. The flavors in the area are not to be missed!

If you want to go out in the area, the Tenderloin offers a vibrant nightlife scene, with a number of unique bars in the area hat can not be missed. If you enjoy street art, taking a walk around the neighborhood will reveal hundreds of tagged street corners, stunning murals, and one-of-a-kind designs – the area is a verifiable museum of street art!

You can check out some other cool things to do in the Tenderloin here.

The Adrian:

The Tenderloin is a treasure-trove of interesting spots and activities that offer a peek into the true heart of San Francisco: a vibrant and bustling city in which people of all walks of life have come together to make their own. If you are traveling to San Francisco, the Tenderloin is not to be missed, and if you are looking for temporary housing or a short term room rental in San Francisco or in the Tenderloin, check out the Adrian for a truly special experience.



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Post made by contributor Isabelle Kaplan.


Autumn is upon us! Your SF furnished apartment is a small space that demands to be cozied up! This DIY fall wreath is cheap and easy, and it adds a festive flare to any home, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Here’s what you need:

  • Green floral wire ~$2
  • A circular base (wreath wire is ideal, I used a “Surface Saver ring”) ~$3
  • A whole bunch of greenery of your choosing! $7-15
    • Ideas: eucalyptus, oak branches, dried wheat, baby’s breath, bouquet fillers, cinnamon sticks etc. anything that catches your eye

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.49.18 PM

Start by gathering a small bunch of whatever you want as the the body of your wreath. I used orange-tinted greenery. Wrap wire around the bunch and wrap it around your circular base, attaching your first bit of greenery to the wreath.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.42.18 PM

Continue this in the same direction until your entire circle is covered.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 1.59.38 PM.png

Now for the fun part! Attach small bundles of flowers, berries, etc to give your wreath some pizazz. You can go for a manicured look or something a bit more wild – whatever your heart desires!

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.01.10 PM.jpg

The final step is to hang it on your door!

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.03.33 PM.png

The best part? You can use any excess greenery you have to make fun fall bouquets, to make your shared housing in San Franciscoo even more cozy.


Pro tip: get some friends to join you for a wreath making party. Spread all your supplies on the ground, light some autumnal candles, turn on your favorite playlist or current binge watch and get crafting!


Here’s some more wreath inspo from Pinterest:





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Post written by contributor Rachel Fay.

While doing a study on housing in San Francisco, Tony and his team noticed a huge supply constraint of viable, affordable housing for students in the City.

San Francisco’s population has 68% of renters. The new tech boom has created further overwhelming pressure on the housing market and as a result skyrocketing rentals. The affordable end of the market namely student housing, has not been immune from this pressure. With over 110,000 tertiary students, San Francisco is a hotbed for language schools, Art Institutes, Music Academies and graduate and under graduate degrees. A large proportion of the student population come from out of town and overseas, excited to come here only to find housing extremely over priced and /or unavailable.

Latitude 38 group is now focused on being the leading provider of safe, clean and convenient accommodation for students, Interns and short terms stays. We serve schools and companies especially tech to fulfill their housing needs. Our Housing Services team led by Mariya Nesheva, is now developing a full service platform to create a living experience that befits the standards and qualities of San Francisco.