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I remember exactly 1 year before this picture was taken I just arrived to San Francisco for my Masters Degree at Hult Business School. I was completely new to the city and my first impression was not what I expected. I was struggling to find a place to live, the weather was not that good (I couldn’t even see the Golden Gate bridge because of the fog) and the “famous” tourist places were overcrowded and not as unique as I imagined…

And a year and a half later I am still here and I love it! I have done so many things and there is so much more to do that I don’t plan to leave this city for good any time soon.

After graduating, doing an internship in real estate and figuring out what to do I decided that I want to help students and young people who are new to the city.

The first thing that makes life easier of course is finding a safe, convenient and affordable place to live.

What my team and I are dedicated to right now is providing student and interim housing in the most exciting neighborhoods of San Francisco. We want to make it easy and simple for you by allowing you to book your room in advance, without paying huge deposits and going through application processes, and having everything set up from the first day – furniture, Internet, TV, etc. And what matters most: we give you a warm welcome and someone who has been where you are now and is ready to help you get the best experience of the city.

Below is a map where you can not only find our current locations but also see what is around them and get a better idea of the neighborhoods and things to do in San Francisco. Don’t forget to check our blog regularly as you will find many interesting things tried and recommended by ex-students turning into real locals:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the best time of the year has arrived. It is not because of the spring, neither because of the better weather; it’s because Baseball has just started!!!!!! Last Thursday was the opening game in the brand new home of the Miami Marlins, and it showed us a preview of a new and exciting season. This is coming after one of the most incredible two month season finale, where the Cardinals (team which I happen to be a fan of) made an amazing come back to become the Champion. For all of us, Baseball fans, last season will be remembered forever; particularly the fifth match of the division series between Cards and Phillies, or the game sixth of the epic world series, both instant classics.

I know that you might not be related to this amazing sport, but San Francisco is a big baseball fan. Actually, to be honest, if you are coming to this great city, you have to watch and live a Giants game “live”(either at the Stadium, or in one of the nice bars around). Giants are one of the most traditional and famous teams in the Major League Baseball. Originally from NY, they moved to SF in 1957 as part of the League expansion to California. The Giants were the 2010 Champions.

Following an excitement pre-season and a great first week, this Friday will be the first home match for the Giants. Even though the Giants have a slow start, they will definitely pick up this season. I really believe that they have a great team this year, and a nice chance to get to the post season. They will be playing at home from Friday till Wednesday, so come to support the Giants and enjoy a live game at the AT&T Park.

By the way, remember to support the amazing Panda…………

For tickets you might go to; or as I told you in the article, all bars around have a great ambient (never as the stadium, but it is a great substitute).