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As November begins to roll in, the holiday season peaks its excited head around the corner, and what does it see? A big, juicy, stuffed turkey! Thanksgiving is a time of belly-stuffing food, fun-loving family and friends, and football.
It is pretty hard to not have a great Thanksgiving, but there are a couple of tips that will help to send your fall holiday over the top. These suggestions can be broken down into Preparation, Conversation, and Recovery.

If you are cooking and hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving, the best thing you can do is start early. Let’s begin with the main dish, the beloved turkey. Usually, store-bought turkeys are around 18-22 pounds. This means you will need to roast said turkey for at least 4 – 4.5 hours (add an extra hour if the turkey is stuffed). Leave plenty of time before carving the turkey as this can be an unexpected time-consuming activity. Also, if you live with others in shared housing or co-living situation the ovens may be crowded, so it is beneficial to be the first one in. The host will almost always take on the turkey challenge, but Thanksgiving should be a potluck feast. So make sure everyone who is coming has something to contribute. Whether it be a side dish or the dessert pie, never show up to Thanksgiving empty-handed. Cooking is not the only part of Thanksgiving that requires preparation. Believe or not, if you wish to eat as much food as you can, there are a few steps you need to take ahead of time to prepare. The best strategy for getting the greatest food intake is to reduce calories and maintain/increase cardio workouts during the week leading up to the feast. Then, on Wednesday, make sure to not eat any solids after lunch. A protein shake is a good Thanksgiving eve dinner. The next morning, make sure to wear your most stretchy waistband and you will be ready for an all-time mid-afternoon meal.


Multi-ethnic group of people raising glasses sitting at beautiful dinner table celebrating Christmas with friends and family
Because the Thanksgiving feast is so glorious, it can mean a long time sitting at the dinner table. To spice things up with family and friends, write down each person’s name on an index card and place them throughout the table. Everyone will sit at the seat with their name. This way, no cliques or small talking groups will form at the table and the conversation will include everyone. Another way to add a little flair to your meal is to keep the conversation light, yet interesting. Go around the table and have everyone share what they are thankful for, what they are looking forward to in the next year, and what their favorite food at Thanksgiving is. This will stir conversation and give everyone a chance to share.

Bonus tip:

If you are ever in an awkward conversation with your annoying or weird relative, it is always easy to flip the topic towards the weather. This is a neutral subject and most everyone has something to say about it. Another good, simple topic to discuss is recently watched movies or movies that have come out.

Many people think the fun ends on Thanksgiving once the food runs out. However, there are many ways to keep the day rolling. The first thing you want to do with that stomach full of stuffing and gravy is to plop yourself on the couch and watch some classic Thanksgiving football. It doesn’t even matter who is playing, just enjoy the sport as you digest the feast. Once you have had plenty of time to digest and relax, go outside, get some fresh air, and for your own sake, work off some of those calories. Throwing the football around at the nearest park or in your backyard is a lot of fun, especially after watching the pros do it. If you aren’t a big sports person, getting a group together to take a stroll around the neighborhood is a great way to decompress after all that eating. Especially in a place like San Francisco, it can be amazing to check out all the unique housing the city offers. Lastly, before everyone leaves or when there is only a lucky few left, it is time to do the dishes. Even though it may seem like a buzzkill to the holiday, it is important to clean all the dishes the day off. If you don’t the food will stick to the plates and serving dishes and will make it impossible to wash the next day. Grab two or three people, through on some music and get scrubbing! You will be so satisfied and happy with yourself at the end when everyone is gone and there is no mess to take care of. Now that you have the keys to the preparation, conversation, and recovery, you have the tools to have your best Thanksgiving yet! Once it’s all over, you can crawl into your cozy bed or turn on your favorite sitcom and be proud of what you accomplished.
There really is no better way to get a taste of a community then shopping at a farmer’s market. Fresh food, real people, and a friendly environment make the long-standing Saturday and Sunday tradition popular throughout the Bay. The epicenter of Bay Area Farmer’s Markets is undoubtedly San Francisco. With a variety of different markets speckled across the city, it can be hard to decide which to visit. Well, this comprehensive list below will provide insight into the top markets in the city!
Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market With over 100 vendors, this Saturday market circling the Ferry Building is the largest and most popular in SF. Right on the water and just off the highway, this gathering is a great place to grab local produce, food craft products, and brunch.
Looking for a little bit more than just grub? Well the market offers two educational programs to expand your knowledge on the fine arts of food. The Market to Table Demos presented by local chefs demonstrate unique world-renowned recipes that promote a healthy lifestyle. While, The Food Shed education tent aims to deepen your understanding and broaden your awareness of sustainable food systems. Ultimately, the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market has everything you need for a perfect Saturday full of fresh food. Tuesdays: 10am to 2pm – year-round, rain or shine Thursdays: 10am to 2pm – year-round, rain or shine Saturdays: 8am to 2pm – year-round, rain or shine Heart of the City Farmer’s Market Uniquely independent, farmer-operated, nonprofit, and opened 3 days a week throughout the whole year rain or shine. What more could you want out of a farmer’s market? How about a location on the United Nations plaza for stunning views of the Civic Center!
Heart of the City just might be the top farmer’s market in the city and its popularity is widely attributed to their commitment to staying fully farmer operated. The farmers have been working for over 40 years with the market to deliver high quality healthy food to the community. This market is right around the corner from several of our co-living properties, such as 7th and 9th street residences. As a part of a shared housing community, walking down the street and tasting your way through each farmer’s creations can be a great way to get to know you peers.
Sundays: 7am to 5pm – year-round, rain or shine Wednesdays: 7am to 5:30pm – year-round, rain or shine Fridays: 7am to 4pm – year-round, rain or shine
Fillmore Farmer’s Market Smack in the middle of San Francisco’s bustling Fillmore street, this farmer’s market promises produce that is always fresh, seasonal, and provided by local farmers and ranchers. The market is operated by the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association which is a non-profit that hosts and operates various markets throughout the Bay. Locals adore this market because of the character it brings. Sweet live jazz music fills your ears as people dance, chat, and try the freshest food with friends and family. And if you ever find yourself there make sure to listen for the Dave Parker Sextet as they play their smooth sound there almost every Saturday.
Saturdays: 9am to 1pm – year-round, rain or shine Fort Mason’s Farmer’s Market Unlike other farmers markets in the city, the Fort Mason Center Farmer’s Market is held at a historic, former Army West Coast headquarters. The market is hosted by the Golden Gate National Park Service and brings in over 35 Farmers and Food Purveyors to sell food and ingredients.
What truly sets apart this market is the stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the rest of the SF Bay that can be admired from the crowds of hungry shoppers. In such a scenic area it is easy to spend an entire Sunday afternoon perusing through the goodies. Sundays: 9:30am to 1:30pm – year-round, rain or shine The list of great San Francisco farmer’s markets does not stop here, but unfortunately this article does. We have laid out the best of the best for you, so try your best to stop by each one of this unique markets for a full grasp of the SF community and its offerings.

There are many sights to see around San Francisco such as Lombard Street, The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Coit Tower, but those places are always crowded with tourists. Sometimes you need to explore the places that many people haven’t heard of. Whether it’s a restaurant or an amazing view, there are locations around the city that will give you a new perspective on what it’s like to be a local.

Mission Dolores Park This amazing park resides within the Mission District and is a great location for relaxing, getting some work done, or having a picnic. Dolores Park is one of the most famous parks in the city since it is large and is in one of the more festive sides of town. On nice days, the park will attract many people who are looking to share the sun and enjoy the vendors who go around with food and drinks. There are also many great restaurants and bars surrounding the park so you’ll never run out of things to do on that side of SF.

Chestnut street This long stretch of shops and restaurants is in the Marina district and it is always full of life. There are many great lunch spots such as Super Duper Burger, Squat & Gobble, or Glaze. These restaurants plus many more great dinner spots are all within a couple block radius and offer delicious, cost friendly meals. During the evening or night, this street is full of locals visiting all the great bars and different nightlife scenes.

The Palace of Fine Arts This masterpiece of architecture opened in 1915 and sits within the Marina. There is a big lawn in front of the building where you will see people having a picnic or just enjoying the scenery. This is another place where you can get some work done in peace while also being very close to Chestnut Street to get a bite to eat. The Palace offers tours throughout the week if you want the whole experience to see some stunning murals on the top of the dome. Otherwise, it is a great spot to hang out.

Golden Boy Pizza For some of the best pizza San Francisco has to offer, slide over to Golden Boy. This little pizza joint has been serving square slices since 1978 and it has made a name for itself. It’s located in North Beach area and usually has a a bit of a crowd during the night hours but it is definitely worth the visit if you need a quality slice of pizza.

Ocean Beach Another great place that many locals go is on the west side of San Francisco. There are many activities to do during the day such as relaxing, surfing, or any sports but it becomes very cold when the sun goes down. At night, a specific part of the beach lights up with many bonfires and it an amazing sight to see. It usually happens on weekends but it is a great outing to have with friends if you want to bring some firewood, blankets, and some food for a couple hours.

Farmers Market The final spot many locals go to on the weekends is located at the Ferry Building. This is a great event to buy fresh produce and eat amazing food from all the different local businesses and farmers. You can make a day out of going to the Farmer’s Market since it is so close to the bustling downtown with all the shops and restaurants close by.

San Francisco is growing rapidly due to the tech industry and other new developments so it may be hard to find peaceful places in the city or even housing nowadays. Moreover, it can be hard to deal with the stress of so many people coming to visit San Francisco. Luckily, Urbanests offers rooms for students and interns in completely furnished apartments or room shares in San Francisco for the best co-living experience. If you haven’t found a place to stay in this amazing city, check us out on our website! After you get settled in your cozy San Francisco rental, check out the spots above to get the full SF experience.

Hello June! In the blink of an eye, Summer is already upon us. The rainy weeks are over and the weather is starting to warm up, which means it is time to get out there and have some fun in sunny San Francisco! Lucky for you, you are living in one of the best cities when it comes down to the amount of diverse activities around the area. San Francisco is also the center for co-living or community housing, which means that if you choose to live in our affordable San Francisco rooms, you are sure to meet new friends and buddies that are happy to go on some Summer adventures with you! Without further ado, here are some of our hand-picked activities that are going to be happening in San Francisco this Summer!


Music Festivals

1San Francisco is known for its diverse population and therefore has a wide variety of music all around the city. If you are a Jazz lover, the Fillmore Jazz Festival will be taking place on July 6th and July 7th this year covering twelve blocks in the Pacific Heights district. If you are an opera fan, the famous SF Opera will be having several shows both in June and July at the War Memorial Opera House. This year, there will be performances including Don Giovanni, Rigoletto, and many more!


There will also be several live music festivals featuring bands, singers, and more throughout the summer. One of the festivals is the Stern Grove Festival at the Stern Grove Park. These concerts will be happening every week starting in the middle of June all the way to August, and will have many popular singers and a different theme every single week! Best of all, admission is completely free! Another one of the biggest San Francisco music festivals is the Outside Lands Music Festival that will be happening during August 9th to August 11th. There will be over 70 bands performing for 3 days, including Twenty One Pilots, Childish Gambino, and blink-182!


Street Festivals


When we talk about festivals, we can’t forget about all the amazing street festivals that San Francisco has that features all different kinds of food and entertainment. The North Beach Festival is one of the biggest street fairs that has been taking place taking place for more than sixty years. This year, it will be happening on June 15th-16th and will have more than 20 food vendors, over 100 arts and crafts vendors, a kid’s chalk area, and Italian street painting. There will also be live music and entertainment at four different stages at the festival.

If you fall in love with North Beach and would like to have a place to stay, don’t forget we have many single rooms and double co-living rooms available in North Beach today, and you can check them out on our website!

3-1 New Hardwood Floors
371 Columbus Residences at North Beach -provided by Urbanests

6.4 Big Windows for Natural Light
524 Columbus Residences of North Beach -provided by Urbanests

If you are more of a fan of Union City, then head over to Union Square Live, which is happening now until October! The diverse street fair will be featuring free dance, theater, music, and other performances and entertainments in San Francisco’s Union Square Plaza every Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday at 2pm. Since this part of the city is close to all public transit, the fair is only a bus or BART ride away! Urbanests also has many housing options available near Union Square, check out these rooms!

8 Double Room - New Hardwood Floors
1010 Bust St, walking distance to Union Square -provided by Urbanests

Pyramid Residences, walking distance to Union Square -provided by Urbanests

Another fun and diverse festival is the Haight Street Fair of San Francisco! This year marks the 41st Anniversary of a festival that celebrates the diversity and history of the Haight-Ashbury District and will be happening on June 9th. There will be more than 200 booths with food and crafts for sale as well as live music for everyone to enjoy while at the fair.


Fill you Summer with fun from all around San Francisco this year by checking out some of these amazing fairs and festivals! Whether you want to go somewhere with live music, food vendors, or just a place to hang out with your friends, San Francisco definitely has it all!

We at Urbanests are always dedicated to providing all of our tenants with a warm environment in the heart of San Francisco, and we are proud to welcome students and interns from all over the world into our properties!


We know how hard it is to move into a new place, especially in the big city of San Francisco. Therefore we always try our very best to provide the most welcoming environment at all of our residences where you can meet new friends and easily integrate into your new home.


Recently, our property hosted a pizza party where all tenants were invited to join. Dinner was provided for everyone and there were also lots of games for residents to play on a Saturday night!

Our wonderful Resident Manager Ben Elias organized the events for our residents and lots of people came to enjoy pizza, soda, and fun games at the 1080 Folsom property.

If you are outgoing and would want to make lots of new friends, then our property is definitely the one for you!


Tenants came together to enter a Pictionary Contest because it was so much fun when it was offered in our last event! There were also other games such as Monopoly, cards, puzzles, drawing, and anything you can think of!

Of course, what’s a game without prizes? Many mystery prizes and surprises were given out to the winners of these games!


It’s never too late to join our fun and welcoming community where people come from all over to join the students living in San Francisco and meet friends that could last a lifetime. Like our motto says, we strive to create communities one friend at a time and will always be there to make you feel at home.


If you are interested in our 1080 Folsom Residence, where the event took place, we have singles, doubles, and triples available!

We also have room available all over San Francisco, such as our 1010 Bust St Residence located in the prime location of Nob Hill!

You can also check out our website by clicking here to see a full list of all of our properties!