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Cool Happy Hour Locations in San Francisco


The city by the bay is well known for its great restaurants and food diversity. Its reputation has been well backed up by urban legends like the one that says that you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in different places for 3 years without repeating the same restaurant. Sadly, life and restaurants in San Francisco are not exactly cheap, but there are some tricks that allow you to enjoy them without spending your entire budget.

Tons of restaurants around the city offer happy hour menus where you can have nice appetizers and great drinks (only if you are older than 21 years, if not…..soda or water for you….sorry; anyway the food is worth the try) at an accessible price. You can find any type of places, and for any type of food. For example; you can eat a real Italian pizza for $5 at Il Fornaio from 4:30 to 6:30pm (same pizza that will cost you $19 at regular time), and all this can be enjoyed with a nice drink at a reduced price as well (additional special treatment will be available if you talk to Jorge and tell him that Mats sent you ;)).

If you are in the city, I will definitely recommend checking around the financial district. There you will find locals relaxing after long work days. My favorite places are: Osha at Embarcadero, Il Fornaio, Waterbar and their $1 oysters, and Sens on Friday nights; but I’m still trying new places and no regrets so far (it has been more than a year and a half by now).

So please, go out and enjoy the incredible and unpredictable weather of this amazing city, with a nice food and great glass of your favorite drink……..Cheers!

By Mats Nalsen

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