Latitude 38 Housing Services, LLC strives to follow all local, state, and federal fair housing laws for all residents and applicants. Latitude 38 does not discriminate among residents or applicants on the basis of any protected characteristic, including:

  • Race, Ancestry, or Ethnicity
  • Religion or Religious Beliefs
  • Gender or Sex
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Gender Expression
  • Marital Status
  • The Existence of Children in the Household
  • Source of Income, as Defined
  • Disability or Medical Condition
  • Age. However, student housing may be provided in accordance with the San Francisco Student Housing Ordinance.

Latitude 38 believes that equal opportunity can best be accomplished through effective leadership, education, and the cooperation of owners, managers, and the public. Therefore, Latitude 38 agree to abide by the following provisions of this Fair Housing Policy Opportunity:

  • Latitude 38 will offer housing accommodations to all persons on an equal basis.
  • Latitude 38 will to set and implement fair and reasonable rental housing rules and guidelines and will provide equal and consistent services throughout our residents’ tenancy.
  • Latitude 38 shall have no right or responsibility to volunteer information regarding the racial, creed, or ethnic composition of any neighborhood, and shall not engage in any behavior or action that would result in “steering.”
  • Latitude 38 shall not to print, display, or circulate any statement or advertisement that indicates any preference, limitations, or discrimination in the rental or sale of housing.