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Explore Beyond Your SF Housing: Last Minute SF Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.

Hey there lovebirds! It is February 13th, and things are getting weird. When did Walgreens start selling roses? And why are there millions of paper hearts hung up all over the hallways of your San Francisco student housing?

Hate to break it to you, but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. But don’t panic! We have got you covered with all sorts of fun things you can do all around the Bay Area to impress your significant other last minute. They won’t even know you forgot – and don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul.

A Flower- Filled Afternoon 

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One of San Francisco’s most breathtaking natural phenomenons, the annual bloom of over 100 rare magnolias with trees reaching up to 80 feet is at its peak this Valentine’s Day in the SF Botanical Garden! If you need a good last minute plan for V-day, get out of your San Francisco housing, pack a picnic basket, and take a stroll in the garden with your loved one. Don’t forget the chocolate and wine!

Cat Cafe and Puppy Cuddles

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Is your Valentine a furry friend lover? Look no further! This Valentine’s Day, the SF SPCA is hosting a pop-up cat cafe and puppy snuggle at One Embarcadero Center, where you can come for a coffee and a cuddle in one place!

A Loving Pillow Fight

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If your loved one is fun-loving, take them to the annual Valentine’s pillow fight at 1 Market Street in SF. I know, I know, why even leave your bed in your comfy SF furnished apartment? Trust us, its worth it.  Every year, nearly 1,000 San Franciscans make the pilgrimage to Justin Herman Plaza with feather-stuffed pillows to, put mildly, lovingly beat the crap out of each other.

Salsa Dance the Night Away

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Why not sweep your lover off their feet, and pick up a new skill while you’re at it? This Valentine’s Day,  Palm House in San Francisco will host “Salsa y Amor”, (Salsa and Love, for us non-Spanish speakers), from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Best part? The salsa lessons are free!  They will also be offering $7.00 Margaritas all night long. This is what you need to do to make your loved one say “te amo!”

The Crush & The Chocolate Factory

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.19.42 PM.png

If when you think Valentine’s Day, you think chocolate, then you’re in luck. This Valentine’s Day, Dandelion Chocolates is offering a $5 chocolate factory tour with tastings!  On the tour, you’ll taste cacao all the way through its journey into chocolate, from cocoa beans to liquid chocolate, and they’ll even guide you through a tasting of their single origin bars. Best of all, if that isn’t enough chocolate for you (and lets be real, it’s never enough) they will even send you off with a hot chocolate gift card! You have to book through their website, so make sure you sign up before you go!

None of these just right for you and your significant other?

Don’t worry, Valentine’s Day is all about showing your loved one that you care. Make them breakfast in bed, pick up some $5 flowers from a grocery store, bake them their favorite treat, go for a picnic in Dolores Park, bike ride by the Golden Gate bridge, watch the sunset at Baker’s Beach, or light some candles and cook a special homemade dinner. As long as you show them you love them (and that you totally remembered that it is Valentine’s Day), it will be good enough.


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Post made by contributor Isabelle Kaplan

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