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Four SF Farmer’s Markets for the Freshest Food

There really is no better way to get a taste of a community then shopping at a farmer’s market. Fresh food, real people, and a friendly environment make the long-standing Saturday and Sunday tradition popular throughout the Bay. The epicenter of Bay Area Farmer’s Markets is undoubtedly San Francisco. With a variety of different markets speckled across the city, it can be hard to decide which to visit. Well, this comprehensive list below will provide insight into the top markets in the city!
Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market With over 100 vendors, this Saturday market circling the Ferry Building is the largest and most popular in SF. Right on the water and just off the highway, this gathering is a great place to grab local produce, food craft products, and brunch.
Looking for a little bit more than just grub? Well the market offers two educational programs to expand your knowledge on the fine arts of food. The Market to Table Demos presented by local chefs demonstrate unique world-renowned recipes that promote a healthy lifestyle. While, The Food Shed education tent aims to deepen your understanding and broaden your awareness of sustainable food systems. Ultimately, the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market has everything you need for a perfect Saturday full of fresh food. Tuesdays: 10am to 2pm – year-round, rain or shine Thursdays: 10am to 2pm – year-round, rain or shine Saturdays: 8am to 2pm – year-round, rain or shine Heart of the City Farmer’s Market Uniquely independent, farmer-operated, nonprofit, and opened 3 days a week throughout the whole year rain or shine. What more could you want out of a farmer’s market? How about a location on the United Nations plaza for stunning views of the Civic Center!
Heart of the City just might be the top farmer’s market in the city and its popularity is widely attributed to their commitment to staying fully farmer operated. The farmers have been working for over 40 years with the market to deliver high quality healthy food to the community. This market is right around the corner from several of our co-living properties, such as 7th and 9th street residences. As a part of a shared housing community, walking down the street and tasting your way through each farmer’s creations can be a great way to get to know you peers.
Sundays: 7am to 5pm – year-round, rain or shine Wednesdays: 7am to 5:30pm – year-round, rain or shine Fridays: 7am to 4pm – year-round, rain or shine
Fillmore Farmer’s Market Smack in the middle of San Francisco’s bustling Fillmore street, this farmer’s market promises produce that is always fresh, seasonal, and provided by local farmers and ranchers. The market is operated by the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association which is a non-profit that hosts and operates various markets throughout the Bay. Locals adore this market because of the character it brings. Sweet live jazz music fills your ears as people dance, chat, and try the freshest food with friends and family. And if you ever find yourself there make sure to listen for the Dave Parker Sextet as they play their smooth sound there almost every Saturday.
Saturdays: 9am to 1pm – year-round, rain or shine Fort Mason’s Farmer’s Market Unlike other farmers markets in the city, the Fort Mason Center Farmer’s Market is held at a historic, former Army West Coast headquarters. The market is hosted by the Golden Gate National Park Service and brings in over 35 Farmers and Food Purveyors to sell food and ingredients.
What truly sets apart this market is the stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the rest of the SF Bay that can be admired from the crowds of hungry shoppers. In such a scenic area it is easy to spend an entire Sunday afternoon perusing through the goodies. Sundays: 9:30am to 1:30pm – year-round, rain or shine The list of great San Francisco farmer’s markets does not stop here, but unfortunately this article does. We have laid out the best of the best for you, so try your best to stop by each one of this unique markets for a full grasp of the SF community and its offerings.

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