Affordable and fun short-term stay perfect for interns

Landed an amazing internship in San Francisco or the greater Bay Area, but already stressing out about where you are going to stay? We know both the thrill and the feeling. That’s why you need Urbanests which is a network of coliving residences that provides furnished and affordable rooms all across San Francisco. Because we are familiar with the struggle of finding affordable and flexible options, we aspire to make an entire moving process much easier for interns and young professionals who are looking for convenient and fast solutions. We believe that convenient and safe intern housing is an essential part of succeeding in your internship as we take the hardship of the rental process in San Francisco of your mind.

We know about home affordability in San Francisco

Short-term stays can be quite impactful in financial terms. Especially if you are interning in a city like San Francisco CA, where high demand and not enough supply create a barrier on affordable short-term accommodations suitable for interns. With Urbanests, you do not have to worry about overpaying. The monthly rent is a flat fee that doesn’t go up and down depending on how much water you have used this month. You pay one price for a room, utilities, furniture, WiFi, appliances, kitchen supplies, and all the essentials you would need upon moving to a new place in San Francisco.

When the lease term is essential

Maybe finding a good apartment or room for a somehow affordable price can be real, but the lease term is a game-changer. Sad truth is that most of the rental options that would be a perfect home for students in San Francisco or the surrounding Bay Area are long-term and require at least a 12-months lease. At Urbanests, we have recognized this issue and reduced the required lease term to three months regardless of whether you’re searching for “summer intern housing San Francisco” or a home year-round. Which is convenient for both interns and young professionals who just moved to the city. You are welcome to live here for as long as you intern or extend it to a year. We have also considered those searching for San Francisco summer internship housing and have a dedicated property to the busiest season in the City – Panoramic Residences.

Convenient moving is important

An easy moving process isn’t a dream but a reality with Urbanests. You do not have to worry about paying for transporting heavy furniture or million other things because all rooms at our coliving properties are furnished and ready for immediate move-in. Once you are in one of our San Francisco summer rentals, our property manager will help with onboarding and be your guide throughout this “intern housing Bay Area” journey. The same goes for all our properties!

The main perk of shared housing is meeting new people

Coliving is your best shot to meet amazing people from all around the world and different professional fields. Networking is one of the most important aspects of interning and Urbanests Coliving is the perfect place to create meaningful connections as it brings together beautiful minds and creative personalities. Your roommates will make your journey much more fulfilling and interesting because you get to explore San Francisco together.

How to get SF intern housing provided by Urbanests:

  1. Fill out an inquiry form.
  2. Our San Francisco CA leasing team will get back to you with all the information about the leasing process, property, and help schedule a tour.
  3. Sign the lease and pay the security deposit.
  4. You are all set! Welcome to your San Francisco Internship housing via Urbanests!


Single Room

For those seeking the comfort of privacy in their winter or summer intern housing situation, a single bedroom is a great option. The room comes furnished with a twin-sized bed, closet, study area, and sink. Wifi, just like the rest of amenities and utilities, comes included in the monthly rate.

Shared Room

If you are going for a cheaper option, a bed in the shared room will save you money and help you meet new people. Similar to the single room, the shared room comes furnished with a bunk bed, closet, study area, and sink. The shared room can be double or triple.


When it comes to amenities, we take it seriously. There is a long list of what is included and how it might benefit your situation.

First of all, you will have access to the San Francisco locations you didn’t think you could. All of the properties are in safe and vibrant neighborhoods with plenty of things to do. We are established in prime locations such as Financial District, South of Market, North Beach, Chinatown, Richmond, and Lower Nob Hill.

Once you sign the lease, you don’t need to worry about finding furniture and stocking up on household supplies. Besides the fact, that your room is completely ready to move in with all essential furniture included, all common areas such as kitchen, living area, shared bathrooms come renovated and furnished. It comes especially useful when your “summer housing San Francisco” needs line up with the busiest season in the City and you need a rental ready for the adventure but not at a cost that you can’t afford.

  • Wifi and utilities are included in the monthly rate
  • Kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped
  • Frequent cleaning of communal areas
  • An international and welcoming community
  • The 24-hour staff that provides assistance when needed
  • Renovated and furnished rooms



Renovated and furnished rooms



Frequent cleaning of communal area



Kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped


The 24-hour staff that provides assistance when needed



An international and welcoming community


Wifi and utilities are included in the monthly rate


Panoramic Residence

1080 Folsom Residences