How to Find a Job in SF

Hey! Welcome to our job tool! As you become situated in your San Francisco housing, do not forget about looking for a way afford your new digs! Whether you are a student in our San Francisco student housing looking for an internship, or a young business professional looking for your fresh start, here is a helpful tool to make sure you are on the right track!

Part Time

Looking for something part time, but not sure where to start? Here are our tips!


Are you a parent? Student? Looking for something part time that works with your busy schedule? Before you start, make sure you define your  priorities. You need to make sure the job you are looking for fits within your busy schedule in a way that won’t be overly taxing. Write out your weekly schedule, and sketch out which days and which times are best for you to work. The better you plan, the better you can find the perfect fit for you!


When you are applying, make sure to communicate to your interviewer that you are searching for something part time. If, for example, you are a student looking for a position that works for your class schedule, it is always better to be upfront and set expectations to what is manageable to you. Make it clear to employers the time frame you are available and how many hours in a week you are capable working. As long as you are transparent with your availability, you shouldn’t have any problem fitting a part time job into your schedule!

Consider working remotely.

Nowadays, there are so many skills that are needed that can be done from the comfort of your own home, on your laptop computer. When you have a busy schedule, it can be a huge benefit to be able to fit work in at odd hours of the day, so looking for a position that allows you to work remotely can be very helpful!

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Ready to find a Part time Job?