At certain times of year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, ski season, tax season, and the US presidential election – companies have to hire additional staffers to fulfill their seasonal business needs. Companies need to supplement their existing workforce during this time, usually to meet increased demand. Sometimes these jobs can lead to full-time and long-term positions, since companies ultimately are looking to recruit talented workers! If you are looking to make a few extra dollars, these holidays are a great opportunity to squeeze in some extra work! Here are our top three tips to getting a seasonal job:

Be prompt.

Companies start hiring long before these holidays arrive,so make sure you get on it early. If you want to get a job as a seasonal sales associate around Christmas, start applying in September or October, to guarantee you have a spot by the time the holiday rolls around!

Seasonal jobs in San Francisco

Think outside the box.

Everyone knows that Macy’s needs a few extra people on the sales team around Christmas time, but what about the need for Ski Instructors, Santa’s Elves, gift wrappers,delivery men for present delivery, and more? Use the right resources! Check out Kelly Services, Snelling & Snelling and Manpower for seasonal positions year-round. They all provide searchable databases of temporary positions, so any seasonal jobs will be listed on these services.

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