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Summer in the City by the Bay!


When planning to come to San Francisco during the summer, the first thing that came to my mind was the Hollywood image of the “always sunny California”…… but to my surprise, I was really wrong.
Basically, San Francisco is globally known by having cold and foggy summers. There is even an American saying that says “the coldest winter I ever saw was the summer that I spent in San Francisco” (quote that has been attributed to Mark Twain). Fortunately, this city and its surroundings have plenty of summer activities to offer. Below are some of my favorite sports and recreational activities for this summer:

  • This year San Francisco will be hosting the first races of the America’s Cup in mid-August, and will continue next year. The race will start in August 12th, and everybody will be able to watch it from the new Pier 23.
  • The great San Francisco Giants will start the second half of the season by hosting three matches against  the Houston Astros from Friday 13th to Sunday  15th at the AT&T Park, followed by two more home series at the end of this month. Remember to come to the stadium and live the Giants experience, particularly after the great success of Giants players in the All-Start game last night.
  • The WTA Bank of the West tennis tournament at Stanford started this Monday, and will be on until the end of the week. Take a chance and drive south to watch some great tennis matches and enjoy of the great weather of Stanford. While driving South by the highway 280, there are also plenty of places to hike and picnic, so you can enjoy a full day of summer.
  • Making a day escape to Marin county and Point Reyes. Throughout this route you will be able to do virtually everything like hike, bike or any other outdoor sport, enjoy of a relaxing day at Stinson beach, visit Muir Woods Park and finish the day eating the most delicious oysters at Tomales Bay Oyster Farm.

So we invite you to come here and enjoy with us a different summer………. A San Francisco Summer 😉

By Mats Nalsen

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