Looking for a way to pay for that AC that will keep you cool all summer long? There are a variety of ways you can work during the summer time! Beyond the obvious minimum wage jobs that are offered year-round, like restaurant work and retail, there are a number of seasonal positions that are only offered during the summertime! Here is our quick list of ideas for interesting places to work during the summertime:

Lifeguarding: Every community pool, hotel,and beach will be looking for someone with strong swimming skills to keep an eagle eye on swimmers.

Camp counselor: Parents will send their kiddos to a wide variety of summer camps to keep them busy over the summertime. If you have any interesting skills – tennis, writing, karate, archery, art, photography, cooking, soccer, etc – you can find a summer camp that could use your help!

City Tour guide: Tourism is up in the summertime, which means people are needed to help the visitors see the city!

Pet sitter: Most likely, there will be a number of families taking long summer vacations, who need someone to keep an eye on their furry friend while their gone. If you are an animal lover, getting paid for pet snuggles sounds like a dream come true!

Hotel staff: People are visiting the city in droves, and hotels are booked. Hotels need extra front desk receptionists, bartenders, lifeguards, and more to keep up with the growing client base!

Babysitter, Au Pair, or Nanny: Kids are out of school, but parents are still working, so they need help! Hanging out with kids doesn’t sound like the worst way to spend your time for the summer.

SAT Tutor or college app advisor: In the summertime, high school kids start thinking about AP tests, SAT’s, and applying to colleges, and their parents are anxious to help. If you are academically inclined,being a college application advisor simply entails proofreading essays and adding in your two-cents to what would make the applications even stronger, while SAT tutoring requires basic english and math comprehension skills – besides, its not too hard to hold flash cards.

Summer Intern: If you are looking for more formal experience but don’t have the skills to get a full-time position, it may be worthwhile to consider applying to a summer internship program! Many positions are paid,and it is a great resume booster to get you headed in the right direction for a full time career.

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