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In a city like San Francisco – 7-by-7 miles wide, filled to the brim with people and constantly growing – cooperative housing, or co-living, has been dubbed “the future of urban living”. Co-living spaces in San Francisco are generally shared housing spaces, or group houses, in which individual members will rent a bedroom or a bed. But beyond the ad hoc mix of people that would come together via a random Craigslist search, co-living houses are ‘purposeful spaces’, which draw together roommates or housemates with shared interests, ideals, or goals. Common co-living spaces include eco-friendly or ‘green’ houses, vegan or vegetarian diet-centered houses, religious-focused houses, nationality-focused houses, and, popular in the Bay Area, tech or ‘hacker’ houses.

With the startup boom of the 21st century came an influx of tecchies flooding into Bay Area to get their piece of the tech pie in Silicon Valley. Tech or ‘hacker’ houses were devised as a means for wannabe tech entrepreneurs to meet likeminded people and conspire on the next start-up scheme. Living with like-minded entrepreneurial individuals allows new techies to build an instant network with other people in the tech industry. It encourages techies to pursue their dreams and stimulates the flow of new start-up innovations. Many of today’s big companies were originally dreamed up in a coliving hacker house.

If you are a tech enthusiast looking for a place to live in San Francisco that is filled with like-minded friends, networking contacts, or ‘big idea’ co-conspirators, here is a list of co-living spaces perfect for the up-and-coming entrepreneur!

225 Ellis:

Quirky and cozy, this place takes dorm style living to the next level. 225 Ellis is covered in plant, books, comic figurines, and boasts glossy wood floors and fresh white walls, so it is perfect for the tecchie looking for something that feels like home. 225 Ellis resids only a few minutes aay from Union Square, the Financial District, SOMA, and North Beach! That means it is only around the corner from most of the biggest ech companies, start ups, and incubators in the world! The ara is surrounded restaurants, cafes, shops, and a bustling night life. The community within the building is friendly and welcoming, and the shard living space boasts a community kitchen, comfy living space, and – most importantly – super fast Wi-Fi! Best part? Rent starts at only $595 a month! Check out for more information.


Pretty much across the street from Bank of America and Cisco in Lower Nob Hill, right by Union Square, lies the perfect techie living spot. Beautifully furnished with modern furniture pieces and artwork hung on the walls, it is the perfect place to find inspiration for your next big idea. Even better, the community at Balmoral is unbeatable. The community at the building gets together for holiday celebrations, Friday night potlucks, and movie nights every week. If you are looking for your next business partner or trying to network, this is the building you want to be in. Check out for more information.

Pyramid SF:

Pyramid SF is the perfect place for the techie who wants to fully embrace the high-tech lifestyle. Pyramid SF is aptly named for its location directly next to the TransAmerica Pyramid Building, and that view would make even your grandma feel like a tech whiz. Located right in the Financial District, the area is right next to a huge number of business and tech companies! It is also walking distance away from North Beach, Chinatown, and many bars, clubs, and restaurants. Not to mention, a number of BART entrances, Muni stops, and freeways are nearby, which makes it easy for you to get all around the city! Check out for more information.

Cheapest room in San Francisco

If none of these places are for you, and you are having trouble finding a home near your tech company of choice, check out this tech shuttle bus route map, to make sure you live somewhere by a bus stop!

Tech shuttle bus map – make sure wherever you live will be accessible:

Street view of 371 Columbus cohousing Residences located in North Beach with Transamerica Pyramid in the background.