Tech Jobs

Everyone know that right now, tech is a booming industry. Apple is so in. Google is invaluable. Salesforce is making splashes and people are Ubering everywhere.You know it, your friends know it, even your mom knows it… which is probably why she keeps telling you to look into a tech job.
But if you do not have any formal experience in the tech industry, it can seem impossible to break into. Every job description, even the entry-level ones, say you need prior experience to apply! It seems like you need an engineering degree at Harvard and three years worth of Facebook  internships to even make the first cut. But don’t worry, a career change to tech is easier than it may seem. All it comes down to is knowing what to apply to, and how to fluff up your skill set.

First, do relevant work. Even if you haven’t had a formal position, there are so many ways you can build your skill set in a way that will be relevant to the company you are applying for. You can take online courses and get certifications, build your own website, help out your friend’s mom with her digital presence for her jewelry company, and more! The more little things you can find that are releveant to the skills tech companies are looking for, the stronger your resume will be, and the more likely it is you will be a stand out candidate. Besides, tech companies are all about  self starting and out-of-box thinking!

Consider a creative application, since the more you can stand out, the better. Think, a video-resume like from the comedic film, ‘The Internship’. Think, a creative and engaging website to showcase your work portfolio and skill set. Think, a beautifully written cover letter that strays away from the ‘here is why I am a good candidate’ formula but instead showcases your skills in a innovative fashion.

Next, remember that there are so many skills needed in the tech market beyond engineering and coding. You do not always need a CS degree to be a strong applicant. Marketing and communications is huge, sales is a must, and human resources is necessary, and customer relations is valued. Start small, build your experience, and prove that you can handle things on a greater scale!

If you follow these steps, your application will be sure to shine.

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Here is the route map for all of the tech company’s shuttle buses.

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