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By Mats Nalsen When planning to come to San Francisco during the summer, the first thing that came to my mind was the Hollywood image of the “always sunny California”…… but to my surprise, I was really wrong. Basically, San Francisco is globally known by having cold and foggy summers. There is even an American… Continue Reading →


By Mariya Nesheva Those of you that read our blog have probably noticed by now that all of us at Latitude 38 are food lovers. Our latest discovery is Crêperie Saint-Germain  – originating from French street food roots, this place offers fresh, healthy crêpes made to order at each of its locations. Savory or sweet, the… Continue Reading →

Who’s Hungry?

Hi, I’m Ping, I’ve been with Latitude 38 Group for a little over 2 years and my blog post is well overdue. But for good reason! Since I didn’t move here as a student looking for housing, I had to think of a topic that would benefit our readers. I came up with FOOD. Who… Continue Reading →

From a Student to a Local

I remember exactly 1 year before this picture was taken I just arrived to San Francisco for my Masters Degree at Hult Business School. I was completely new to the city and my first impression was not what I expected. I was struggling to find a place to live, the weather was not that good (I… Continue Reading →