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How to Find a Job in SF

Hey! Welcome to our job tool! As you become situated in your San Francisco housing, do not forget about looking for a way afford your new digs! Whether you are a student in our San Francisco student housing looking for an internship, or a young business professional looking for your fresh start, here is a helpful tool to make sure you are on the right track!

Local Jobs

Looking for something in your area? Well don’t worry, here are a ton of ways you can specify your search to a specific area.

Check Craigslist or LinkedIn, search under ‘jobs’ and select the filters to select your area. The only jobs that will pop up are the ones in the place you specify!

If looking online intimidates you, then do not be afraid to reach out to friends, colleagues, coworkers, and family to see if they know of any open job listings. Networking is the best way to find an in at a company, so ask around and see what your network can do for you!

Think of the places and things that are specific to your area. Odds are, they are the ones that are hiring the most. If you are in San Francisco, there are hundreds of tech companies looking for bright new talent to take under their belt. Look into being an analyst or researcher – it is basically just being a professional Googler. If you are in LA, there are hundreds of people that help make a movie come together, so there is always something out there in production, editing, sound, makeup, style, or even being an extra.

If you are not looking for corporate jobs, think about the places in your area that most likely have a high turnover rate. In Anaheim, Disneyland is always looking for people to run register in the restaurants, walk around in a character suit, or make the rides go ‘round. Along the coast, lifeguards are always needed. Consider the restaurants, theme parks, fairs, or other forms of local flavor that might need a little extra hand.