The city by the bay is well known for its great restaurants and food diversity. Its reputation has been well backed up by urban legends like the one that says that you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in different places for 3 years without repeating the same restaurant. Sadly, life and restaurants in San Francisco are not exactly cheap, but there are some tricks that allow you to enjoy them without spending your entire budget. Tons of restaurants
  Ladies and Gentlemen, the best time of the year has arrived. It is not because of the spring, neither because of the better weather; it’s because Baseball has just started!!!!!! Last Thursday was the opening game in the brand new home of the Miami Marlins, and it showed us a preview of a new and exciting season. This is coming after one of the most incredible two month season finale, where the Cardinals (team which I happen to be
While doing a study on housing in San Francisco, Tony and his team noticed a huge supply constraint of viable, affordable housing for students in the City. San Francisco’s population has 68% of renters. The new tech boom has created further overwhelming pressure on the housing market and as a result skyrocketing rentals. The affordable end of the market namely student housing, has not been immune from this pressure. With over 110,000 tertiary students, San Francisco is a hotbed for
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I remember exactly 1 year before this picture was taken I just arrived to San Francisco for my Masters Degree at Hult Business School. I was completely new to the city and my first impression was not what I expected. I was struggling to find a place to live, the weather was not that good (I couldn’t even see the Golden Gate bridge because of the fog) and the “famous” tourist places were overcrowded and not as unique as I imagined…