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How We Make Affordable Housing in San Francisco Real

Revolutionizing Affordable Housing in San Francisco with Urbanests

The challenges of the San Francisco housing market are known to many of us. Required long-term leases, large move-in costs, bad housing conditions, and much more have made finding the perfect spot in the city so much harder. How many times did you have to give up a great location for cheaper prices and better conditions? Let’s say too many. Affordable housing in San Francisco is real but it has a new face.

An Innovative Solution: Shared Housing with Urbanests

An obvious solution would be to rent shared housing and many of us have stuck with it. Urbanests takes community living to the next level. Here is how we do it.

Don't Ruin. Repurpose.

Instead of tearing down the old buildings, we renovate and repurpose them. Yes, to battle the housing crisis we do need to build more housing but it’s not that easy. It takes time and patience. Preserving the San Francisco character in each neighborhood is also important. Renovating allows us to promote sustainable living and build communities around it.

We value the charm of San Francisco architecture and believe that the neighborhoods of this beautiful city should welcome more talented individuals through affordable housing. We make it real through the restoration of older residential buildings and remodeling them so they are more appropriate for the needs of modern tenants. Our buildings are focused on comfortable community living.

One Price Pays for All

Renting one big apartment with others is a good solution to battle high pricing. Although it does not necessarily mean more convenience. With Urbanests, affordable housing truly is affordable. One rate covers utilities, WiFi, cleaning, and basic furnishings.

It becomes especially beneficial when you are a student or moving to a new city. The headache of buying and delivering furniture, researching, and setting up utilities can be daunting when tackled at once. We are here to help.

You sign the lease with Urbanests and all you need is a suitcase. It’s that easy.

Large Move-in Cost? Eliminated.

Imagine you’re signing the lease for a 1-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. The average price is about $3,000 a month. Upon move-in, you also have to pay the security deposit, which sometimes can be 20% higher than monthly rent. The internet provider and utilities might add to that list too. All that makes your move-in cost $6,500+.

A security deposit is normal and usually required by landlords in San Francisco, Urbanests included, but we think it should be affordable and reasonable.

Our deposit is equal to the monthly rate and does not exceed it. You also can forget about utilities, WiFi, supplies, and furniture because it’s all included.

Smart Usage of Space

With limited space in San Francisco, it is important to make the most out of it. Before arranging the room we think of maximizing existing space while enhancing it with essential furniture. Every room in our residences comes furnished with a full-sized bed along with fresh bedding, a study area, spacious closet, mini-refrigerator, sink, and mirror. It is simple yet functional.

Same principle with shared areas. All of our kitchens, bathrooms, living areas were designed with community living in mind. Common areas are places of meeting and interaction with your peers. In case you are not focusing on meeting new people at the moment, we make sure to add quiet areas outside of your room.

Access to Prime San Francisco Locations

All of our residences have strategic locations close to major businesses, corporations, and city infrastructure. This makes city living much more convenient and affordable. Without long commutes and constant transportation expenses, you can fully focus on what brought you to San Francisco in the first place.

Urbanests is a housing solution perfect for someone in need of an affordable room for rent in San Francisco and a community-focused mindset. Through our efforts, we are steps closer to the affordable living options in the tech capital of the world. If you would like to connect with our leasing team to learn more about our current availability and how our leasing process works, feel free to.

Make your move to San Francisco a smooth and affordable experience with Urbanests. Your ideal housing solution awaits in the heart of the city.

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