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1080 Folsom Residences 

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Union Square
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875 Post Street

Union Square
from $845/month

2162 Market Street

from $1345/month

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For over a decade, we have built a unique and diverse community one friend at a time. Students, interns, and young professionals, both local and international, have chosen to call UrbaNests CoLiving: home. You can study, work, or just simply spend time with new friends in our community areas.

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To answer the questions you might have:

What is coliving and why it is a great solution in San Francisco?

 It is time to put behind the struggle of apartment hunting in San Francisco and enhance your city living experience with affordability, convenience, and simplicity. Urbanests San Francisco coliving is an upgraded rental option with no stress of traditional housing search. In addition, included in the monthly rate, you get all utilities, several amenities and the experience of living with a diverse and tight-knit community.

Urbanests will take care of the room furnishings, utilities, and communal living area, so your entire rental experience is as seamless as possible. There is regular cleaning of common areas that makes living in coliving space even better. Every Urbanests property has an onsite manager who will take care of mail,  maintenance issues, and any emergencies that may arise.

Through coliving housing, we embrace sustainable practices in San Francisco. Instead of tearing down buildings and rebuilding new ones, we have redeveloped old buildings to make them more suitable for your coliving experience. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and help others take part in it. We believe in success powered by meaningful connections and shared experiences in place of materialistic values and square footage.

Can I sign a lease for less than a year?

Looking for flexible lease terms in San Francisco might feel impossible since most landlords of the apartments on the market require at least a one-year lease. At Urbanests, we understand the struggle, so we reduced the required lease term to three months. You are welcome to try it out and see if coliving is something you would like to be part of. This also appeals to those who travel to San Francisco for short term internships, medical residency, or professional enrichment courses, and do not want to break the bank on daily hotel room rates. Our short-term leases offer an affordable solution.

What types of community space do you provide?

Each of our buildings has a unique character and design. Some of our Urbanests coliving residences have an array of different options for community building, such as kitchen, living area, study area, laundry room, and bathrooms. The kitchen comes fully supplied with cooking appliances and cookware such as stove, cooktop range, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. The availability of living and study areas depends on the residence, however, it is furnished with sofas, chairs, tables, power outlets, and TVs. Bathrooms are fully equipped and regularly cleaned and supplied with toilet paper and soap.

In our community areas, we aim to enhance your experience with important relationships and networking opportunities. You always have a chance to connect with your cohousing neighbors over simple everyday things such as cooking breakfast or relaxing on the couch. When privacy becomes a concern, you can always spend your time within the comfort of your own room.

Who is coliving for?

For anyone trying to make San Francisco a new home or discover it from a different perspective. Meet people and make friends from all around the world and from different backgrounds. Our goal is to create a vibrant and welcoming community that will support your personal growth and help you enhance your social life. We gain inspiration from the diversity and interests of our tenants, which we incorporate in building community spirit through various social gatherings. Get to know your peers at movie nights, game nights, potluck dinners, or any other warm get-together at our residences. At Urbanests, you might meet people from various professional backgrounds, different schools, and many countries around the world. Take this chance to build a network that you can nurture throughout both your personal and professional paths.

Where do you provide a communal living in San Francisco?

Urbanests operates in San Francisco districts such as South of Market (SoMa), Chinatown, Financial DistrictNorth Beach, and Richmond. We prioritize your needs when we help you choose the right residence. All of our properties are located within walking distance from major businesses, shopping, grocery stores, public transportation, and anything you would want next to your city living nest.

All of our SoMa shared housing communities have a hacker house atmosphere and located steps away from tech giants such as Twitter, Salesforce, Slack, etc. Our coliving communities located at North Beach are perfect for someone seeking small-town comfort but with accessibility to Financial District and numerous local businesses. Pyramid Residences located on edge of North Beach, Chinatown and the Financial District, which has many advantages for someone ready to explore the brightest neighborhoods of San Francisco within walking distance of its business epicenter. Richmond Residences have access to the most greenery of the city within a busy and diverse community full of businesses and things to do.

How do I move in?

Whether you made a decision about your perfect common coliving space or you need help with making that choice, our leasing agents are always there for you to explain every detail you need to know before moving in. Start with filling out an inquiry form on our website where you can provide your contact information and any important details you want to share with us. After that, a leasing agent will walk you through the whole process, you are welcome to set the date to tour one of our shared housing communities. We will arrange the move-in for all of our properties. We strive to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Tessa H
“I stayed at the location on 524 Columbus Ave for 3.5 months. Really enjoyed my stay; great room and services! The bathrooms and common area were always clean. I had a wonderful, newly renovated room with tons of window light. …”

Matt G
“Had a solid experience at a good community, a good location and an even better landlord! Greg brought the community together and made sure I felt welcome from the start! Greg made sure all went well!…”                                                

Jackson C.
“Perfect for young professionals and students. Great for short term internships you might have in the city. They have so many options all over the city, that you are bound to find one of their properties you’ll like. Poperty managers are very helpful…”
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